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Why and How?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

So we lived in a perfectly good house in a perfectly good neighboured. But our eyes were always set on the Woodcote Estate. Generous plot sizes, great neighbours and easy access to any road, rail or plane! But that wasn't just it - Woodcote Estate has a a 'feel' to it.

That was the feel we were after, where after a long week of commuting to and working in London the weekend felt like a mini-break. We searched for 2 years, probably more, for the right house. It came along, we were pipped at the post and the search continued. Then as if the stars aligned or something else philosophical, the house was back on the market. Our offer was accepted after a bit of to and fro and incredible support from the estate agents who not only sold our existing home but who were also agents for St Christopher's. Kudos to the team at Park and Bailey Couldson and a special shout out to Chris Knowles who has since gone on to manage the Caterham Office.

St. Christopher's became ours.

We had no idea what we were getting into !

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