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Moving Day

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Moving was not straightforward.

We had the most amazing packers and removals team. Our removals company was based locally in Surrey. They estimated the boxes we needs and helped us to carefully pack our belongings.

An observation and comment from the team manager was the last time he saw more clothes was when he worked on a job for a Russian princess!

Who doesn't like options when getting dressed!

Our beautiful cat and daughter stayed with my Mum for the day. We sent off the removal team and headed to a local curry house for a quick lunch while we waited for the keys.

When we arrived at the house the previous owners had not moved out. This is where our day became more stressful. Eventually they left and we began moving in. By this time it was early evening. The removal company agreed to keep a lorry load of our belongings and come back the next day to complete the job.

The house was a mess. The scribbles on the walls paled into insignificance when we found a hole in the bathtub and live wires hanging out of broken sockets and light fittings. Window panes of the crittall windows were broken and the cold air was blowing in.

Did I mention we moved in December?

Yep this was no going to be an easy ride. Looking back maybe it was too much for us to take on.

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